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Tropical Shipment 1/6/23

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

This is the first shipment of the year. Below, is the list of species courtesy of LPS, the supplier of all my tropical chrysalis. Charaxes Castor x2

Euxanthe wakefieldi x2

Cethosia biblis x2

Hypolimnas bolina x2

Parthenos sylvia violaceae x2

Vindula dejone x2

Idea leuconoe x2

Anteos clorinde x2

Archaeoprepona demophon x2

Siproeta epaphus x2

Morpho peleides x2

Caligo atreus x2

Doleschallia bisaltide x2

Heliconius erato x2

Below is a photo of all the pupae in the incubator:

All species emerged successfully except 2 Heliconius and 1 Charaxes.

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